Putting names to Faces

I snapped a few mug shots today to give you all a “who’s who” of the coaches and helpers that you will have seen at training recently. Its a long list and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them all for their time, patience and expertise. Its been a great start to the season with 45 children turning up today.

Andy Richards and Glyn
This handsome pair are Glyn Knaresborough in blue – Head coach for the Under 10’s and Andy Richards trying not to smile. Both play in the mens teams and have children in the minis.

Megan has been helping with coaching the under 10’s for 4 years now and is around every week she plays for the girls under 16’s and always has a smile on her face
Sam Horsman
Introducing Sam. Sam plays in the U16 boys team and is volunteering as part of the Duke of Edinburgh course.
Charlotte and Issy
Seen here with a bunch of posing under 10’s are Charlotte and Issy also volunteering some time for Duke of Edinburgh and also play in the older girls teams.
Kevin and Adam
Smiling for the camera here is Head coach of the Under 8’s – Kevin Davies(in the Havant hockey top) along with Adam whose daughter has just started in the minis. Both Kevin and Adam play for the mens teams. Welcome to the minis Adam.
Tom and Enzo's Dad
Ever patient and encouraging is Tom Brixley with Enzo ‘s Dad in the background, two parents that always help witht he under 8’s.
Elsa and Maya
Last but by no means least this is Elsa and Maya. Both girls are great players who came through the minis and are now in the Under 12 girls team. They will be along when they can to help out and encourage.

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