Under 8 Teams Petersfield Sun 28th Feb

Dear All
Here are the under 8 team lists for this Sunday. If you are on the list but can’t make it please let me know by text 07765287407 or by email HHCMinis@havanthockeyclub.org.uk
Thanks Helen


Team Aligators

Aaron Richards

Robert Proctor

Olivia Barker

Hannah Poley

Frankie Green

Charlie Prior

Peter Smith

Henry Stevens


Team Bears

John Sloane

Georgia Sloane

Lucas Higlett

Ernie Perkis

Daisy Dean

Christopher Winskill

Rafferty Kopar



3 thoughts on “Under 8 Teams Petersfield Sun 28th Feb

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  1. Dear Helen Thanks , I know I’m going to sound like a precious parent but at the end of the last festival Frankies coach told her how well she’d played and that he’d give her a chance in the Other team at the next festival. She was made up understandably. What should I tell her Thanks Alison

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    1. Maybe text or phone Helen directly , I’m sure it’s an oversite and can be sorted out . Sometime they can’t play all the children , it’s hard to juggle . Henry gets upset when he gets left out but just explain its not a slight on her , the team has to funnel a lot of children up through the age ranges and they do their best. Next year she will probably play them all and you will be freezing praying for non selection !!

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