Chichester Festival 08/01/2017

Please see below the teams for the Chichester festival this Sunday for Under 10 & 8’s

Under 10 – Alligators

Alfie Bowen

Charlie Prior

Felicity Coote

Lucas Higlett

Noah Gibbs

Poppy Kilpatrick

Tristan Farrer

Joseph McKay


Under 10’s – Bears

Dominic Davies

Wilf Brixey

Hannah Poley

Esme Hare

Henry Stevens

Ernie Purkis

Megan Gasser

Catalina Tennet

Enzo Richardson


Andy not be available on Sunday so Kevin and Barry will be taking the under 10’s.


Under 8’s


Robert Proctor

Aaron Richards

Theo Brixey

Pippa Shepherd

Thomas Burnett

Charlotte Barber

Aime Hutchings

Toby Letchford



Please let the coaches know asap if you are not available.

Please arrive for 10am. Under 8s matches will start shortly after this. Under 10 matches will commence at 12.

Under 10 matches will be played on one third size pitches to accommodate the number of entries.

The venue  is

Chichester College
Off Cathedral Way Roundabout
PO19 1SB


No Training on Sunday.  Training will start back at Havant College on Sunday 15th January 2017.


Thanks,  Lee




9 thoughts on “Chichester Festival 08/01/2017

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  1. Finnley Burnett has not been named in the team this time, however I will be bringing his big brother Thomas to play in the Under 8s match. I am going to have to bring Finn to watch because my husband is playing football that morning. Hope that is OK?

  2. Hi Lee, just wanted to check; I assume under 10’s don’t need to turn up until around 11.30am since their matches don’t start til midday? Is this correct? thanks, Marilyn

  3. Hi Lee,

    Esme was off school sick yesterday and is again today, so I doubt she will be well enough to play on Sunday. Thought its best to decide now so you have time to ask someone else to play. I don’t have any contact details for the coaches so would you please be able to let them know for me.

    Thanks very much Hannah Hares


  4. Hi Lee Really sorry but Hannah is too ill to play today. u10 Bears. I don’t have Kevin or Barry’s tel to let them know. I’ll text Sally prior though as I’ve got hers. Really sorry, but her throat is terrible. Helen

    Sent from my iPad


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