Chichester Festival 08/01/2017

Hi All,


I have received the schedule for tomorrow’s festival.


Please could the under 8’s arrive at 9.45am and under 10’s arrive at 11.30am.




Good Luck for tomorrow




4 thoughts on “Chichester Festival 08/01/2017

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  1. Hi Lee,

    Could you please confirm if you received my email yesterday about Esme not being able to play tomorrow?

    Thanks Hannah Hares


  2. I know I’m a mear parent but this is not only my opinion . Some parents are voicing concerns that the second team for want of a better word are starting to feel a bit frustrated at the results and the lack of confidence is clear to see . Any chance we could maybe nab a couple of the better players for a few games at the next tournament to boot moral a little bit. Some children even stated today that they don’t want to do another one ! Must admit getting stuffed every game can’t be good and would hardly make them over enthusiastic . Regards .

  3. Hi Guy, I understand what you are saying but I think the other team also had tough matches from what I am lead to believe. I will speak to Andy to get his thoughts and we can talk about it at training on Sunday. Thank you for your feedback.

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