City of Portsmouth Tournament Report …

Under 8 Team

The under 8s had a great tournament in Portsmouth last weekend. Especially as several players, Kate, Josh, and Noah, played in their first ever matches. The standard of play from Havant was very good and the effort of all the team was superb. Havant won their first match and followed this up with a series of close draws, narrow defeats and a couple of little loses. The new players did really well with Noah scoring a goal! Player of the tournament was Millie for her excellent work in defence. The other goal scorers were Toby L and Pippa who are both become my regular goal scorers for the under 8 team. Theo and Toby’s long passing was excellent and Sia, Finn and Amy’s tackling was superb. Josh, Kate and Noah did really well on debut. Special mention should go Amy for forgetting her hockey stick and bringing a whole new dimension to the old coaching mantra “remember your basics”.

Tom Brixey 

Under 10 B Team

Sunday’s festival hosted by City of Portsmouth was brilliant – the sunshine, the enthusiasm, the energy, the sense of team, and the improvement as each game was played.

The Bs were represented by Darcy, Marna, Esme, Frankie, Olivia, Catalina, Ella, and Celina (not deliberately an all-girl team). And all 8 should be very proud of themselves. We may not have won a game, but we got onto the score sheet with a great goal by Frankie, and had a number of other shots from within the D. Not only that, but in two of the 6 games we had the ball in the opposition’s half and D numerous times – we just couldn’t convert more of the pressure into actual goals.

After each game we had a quick ‘what we could do better’ chat and the consistent learning points were to keep the sticks lower, particularly when defending, and to make the slap-hits really count. And in the next games, the girls improved. Marna did a number of magnificent saves on the line with her stick nice and low, and Catalina set up the one goal and 2 other shots with incredible slap-hits from well within our half and straight into the other team’s defence. The team played the width of the pitch, and ran hard to chase the opponents down.

Well done girls.


Under 10 A Team

A massive well done to the A team who remain undefeated at the end of two tournaments. It is lovely to see that they are organising themselves and are working together to create a formation which is obviously effective. I can see that they are thinking about looking for space, marking their opponents, being strong with their passes, moving forward whilst being in control of the ball and thinking about where the ball should go next in order to score goals.

Well done to Lucia who scored the most goals.

Excellent effort from Hannah, Charlie and George for making some excellent passes in order to set goals up.

Outstanding performance from Holly who continues to improve her game every week.

Great defence from Peter and Thomas, their quick thinking, correct positioning and strong passes stopped the opponents from scoring.

Sally Prior x

All in all, a great festival. And if we continue to keep focused on improving in the basics we will turn more of these games into goals and wins. So be patient with us if we repeat drills at training on Sundays – the basics really do matter.

* The next tournament is being hosted by Fareham on 10th December.



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