Petersfield Tournament

Thank you for replying to our last email regarding your childs availability for the Petersfield tournament this Sunday 4th March.  We have now chosen the teams and just to make you aware we try to get as many involved as we can and try to give every child an opportunity to take part in these tournaments throughout the season. Priority is given to those who attend every Sunday training session.  If your child has not been chosen there will be no training session at Havant this Sunday.


Location > Dunnanie School, Alton Road, Steep, Steep, Petersfield GU32 2DP
Parking > please park at Dunhurst / Dunannie and walk along the path (5mins).
Refreshments > hot and cold food and drinks will be available in the sports pavilion.

Under 8’s will start at 9.30am so need to be arriving for a warm up from 9am. Under 10’s will start at 11.40am so need to be arriving from just after 11am latest 11.15am

Under 8’s Team – Managed by Tom Brixey 

Pippa Shepherd
Toby Johnson
Toby Letchford
Theo Brixey
Millie Edwards
Rebecca Crang
Georgie Webb
Beatrix Allcock
Rocco Hobden
Lauren Barber

Apologies if any of your children have not been chosen we could only put one team in for this tournament.

Under 10’s A&B Teams  – Managed by Sally Prior and Tom Brixey 

Charlie Prior
George Jameson
Peter Smith
Holly Illing
Hannah Poley
Robert Procter
Ella Jackson
Thomas Burnett
Lucia Gamboa-Kirwood
Evie Reah
Wilf Brixey
Theo Gardner
Marna Stirling
Megan Turner
Celina Handley
Darcy Allcock
Charlotte Barber
Esme Hares


I will decide exact teams on Sunday with regards to an A and B team.

Please contact me on 07789798977 if your child is now unavailable for this tournament or if you have any queries.

Regards Sally x





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