Chichester Tournament 22nd April

Dear All,

This Sunday is the last tournament of the season and is hosted by-  Chichester Hockey Club. 

It will be at Chichester College, PO19 1SB. You will need to pay for Parking. Refreshments are available.

Under 8’s please arrive by 9.15 to warm up.

Under 10’s please arrive by 11.15 to warm up.

Under 8’s A Team
Theo Brixey
Toby Letchford
Toby Johnson
Pippa Shepherd
Millie Edwards
Sia Perrold
Beatrix Allcock
Fin Burnett

Under 8’s B Team 
Rocco Hobden
Josh Lunn
Kate Charlesworth
Flora Reeves
Iris Reah
Lauren Barber
Georgie Webb

Under 10 A Team
Charlie Prior
George Jameson
Holly Illing
Hannah Poley
Wilf Brixey
Lucia Gamboa-Kerwood
Theo Gardner
Marna Stirling
Olivia Barker

Under 10 B Team
Evie Reah
Robert Procter
Thomas Burnett
Esme Hares
Martha Reah
Catalina Tennant
Celina Handley
Frankie Green
Megan Turner

Any problems please contact me on 07789798977.


Sally Prior X




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