Chichester Match Report

What a brilliant day for the Minis at the Chichester festival.  It was great to see so many players and parents supporting the U8s and U10s.  Thank-you all for supporting the club.

If you have any pictures you’d like to post up let me know.  See you all next Sunday as usual…. now onto the match reports…


For the first time we had 2 U8s teams which is fantastic, maybe we can look to get that 3rd U10 team out as well next time!

I hear that the U8 Alligators were unbeaten this tournament!  what a great result and well-done everyone.  I also hear that the U8 Bears won a few, drew a few and lost a couple (thats the report i got from James as he headed off to coach the u12s! – he doesn’t stop).  All i can say is that the smiles on everyones faces told the story of a really successful tournament for Havant U8s.

Players Player Alligators – Toby Illing

Players Player Bears – Lily Hughes

U10s Alligators

It was great to see so many players from the local clubs and Havant playing at Chichester this Sunday. I can’t remember seeing such a busy festival. All the Havant Alligators played really well and represented the club brilliantly with their attitude and approach to the games.

We won less than we have done this year but still beat City of Portsmouth and Haslemere and drew with a strong Gosport team. We lost to good Fareham and Chichester teams who had some excellent individual players. Ella excelled on the right wing and Holy was equally dangerous on the left. Thomas and Robert battled strongly in midfield. Charlotte and Theo looked very solid at the back and Theo’s long passing was very good. Masy really improved throughout the games and played some good hockey. Austin’s tackling was brilliant and he neatly scored a first goal, next time he will get one! Tori gets a special mention for being very excited about sweets and for some really good defending. The last three players have only started this year so did well to join in with a team of more experienced players. Special mention to Celina who played with real pace and tenacity before being injured in the knee, get well soon!

The team will get better and better if they keep their approach to the game and keep learning to pass the ball quickly. See you all at training next week.

Players’ player – Holly and Ella
Coach’s player – Theo and Ella


U10s Bears

As Lionel Messi once said “there are more important things in life than winning or loosing a game” and in the case of the Havant Bears that “thing” could potentially be fizzy haribo!

We had a younger team today with a number of the team playing their first ever tournament. There were tough games against the first teams of most clubs but we were not outshone by any stretch of the imagination, only losing by a goal or two which quite easily could have gone the other way. The team held their own and i’m convinced if we keep working hard at training it won’t be long before we turn these narrow results around. The main thing is that all the kids kept their attitude positive and played their hearts out. I also liked some of their creative ideas to improving our tactics; “everyone just stand in the goal with one attacker” being offered, as was “everyone play in any position” – the All Blacks of hockey. Luckily they kept to the game plan and we scored in our final match (i’m calling it a goal, it was over the post) against haslemere showing that hard work pays off.
We had two great defenders today in Pippa and Alice showing grit and determination at the back. Our midfield dynamos of Toby J and Millie worked hard as usual from defence to attack getting the team moving. Toby J’s long passes were very good as was Millies tackling. Martha played a sometimes lonely role up front but she showed good movement to keep the opposition on their toes. Lara, Rebecca and Toby L moved well on the wings keeping good width for the team and giving options to play the ball wide. Toby L made some good runs with pace. Imogen and Danny in their first tournaments played across positions in the team and their efforts were excellent. Danny made a number of key tackles and Imogen had some great movement up front.

Player’s Player – Alice (first tournament – excellent effort!)
Coach’s Player – Millie



One final note!

There is a new club match shirt as modelled by Toby below.  There is no pressure to buy this shirt, we’ll stick with our current match shirts for the foreseeable future.  However if you’d like a shirt (or any other kit) for training you can purchase from the club shop which is accessible from your dashboard on the club website (go here), you’ll also be able to pick a shirt number for your child that they’ll keep for as long as they play at the club.

Ideally i’d love to be able to replace our older match shirts with the new ones, if anyone knows of any opportunities for sponsorship for the minis we can talk to the club (50 shirts would cost about £1,400).  Let me know! – Neil




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