8s Marathon at Fareham

The U8s at Fareham today played one of the longest tournaments I’ve seen; everyone kept their enthusiasm up and played all the way through, well done! Thanks to the parents who supported the team and kept them engaged, motivated and fed(!) throughout the 4 hours.

Matilda and Jude played an outstanding attacking game, tackling hard in midfield and finding space up front; Matilda getting our only goal of the tournament – well done! Scarlet played outstandingly well in goal, keeping numerous shots from crossing the line. James, Archie, Nat and Ella really found their feet in midfield, supporting the forwards when we were in the opponents’ half while racing back to support our defence when we needed them there. Ella picked up a painful hit to her knee from the ball, but she was back on for the next game and didn’t let it stop her from getting back in front of the ball! Dom and Andrew were both enthusiastic and strong in defence and goal, harassing the oppositions attack and getting the ball out to our midfield.

Judith was our coach’s player of the tournament for her fearless tackling and outstanding ball control, even when faced with players twice her size! Jude was our players’ player of the tournament; he was always in the right place take the ball from the other side in midfield and get it forward to create opportunities.

The highlights of the tournament for me were the second game (Havant vs. Chichester: 1-0) and the last game (Havant vs. City of Portsmouth: 0–0). In both games, we really played really well together throughout the field, defence, midfield and forward. We dominated both games and spent most of the time in the other teams’ half of the pitch with numerous opportunities in our opponents ‘D’. On the rare occasions where the other team broke through our midfield, our defence and goal keepers were outstanding, tackling well and keeping the ball out of our goal. Everything came together well for two really enjoyable games to watch.


Outstanding tens

If you want to see how coaching helps kids play Hockey, you only needed to watch our teams today (Sunday!) at Fareham – What a difference! All our players were outstanding.

The U10 Tigers and Leopards teams have taken on so much of what we worked on last week it was really impressive to see, and I hope the parents saw a better class of hockey from their youngsters to which they should be very proud, as coaches we certainly were. I know the weather helped as it wasn’t minus 3 and chucking it down, but they really did play differently this week.

There were too many excellent performances to mention everyone, but two really stood out. For the Tigers, Emily Curwood was simply brilliant – She was player of the entire tournament in my view – I don’t think any opposition player got past her superb tackling and the hit she is developing is a joy to watch (scared half of the parents never mind the kids!). And for the Leopards, Dan Hart shone through in goal. After playing only a few short weeks he is really coming on as a goal keeper, his positioning and excellent saves were welcomed by the players and duly recognised coaching staff – Well Done !!

Lastly, Id like to thank the parents for sticking with us for our longest tournament by far (i walked out of the playing area at 2pm!), it really does make a difference and we are thankful for you shipping them all over Hampshire on a Sunday morning.

Have a great week

8s teams for Fareham Tournament (29 Jan)

The 8s Team for Fareham Tournament this Sunday is:

Ben Davies
Danny Ward
Fred Smith
Dougie Henderson
Jonas Waktare
Tom Gorringe
Amelie Parker
Jevan Hannah
Harriet Pardekooper

Meet at 9:30am at Henry Cort Community College, Hillson Drive, Fareham, PO15 6PH

The provisional Team for Petersfield Tournament in February will be …
Elsa Hares, Sam Watson, Luke Watson, Ben Davies, Evelyn Hall, Matilda Hall, Aimee Jennings, James Curwood, Jonas Waktare

If we get a second team into this tournament then we will be able to add more players and reselect!

Everyone will get a chance to play in a tournament with the additional “6 and under” competition on March 18th. I have tried to make selections work for those parents with brothers or sisters in Under 10s so that parents only have to be in one place at once … if I have got this wrong please let me know so I can try and correct it!

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