Water bottles labels for new equipment

England Hockey and English natural mineral water Iceni, Official Water Supplier for the England and Great Britain hockey teams, have teamed up to offer hockey clubs new training equipment.
The “Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway” is designed to support hockey clubs by providing essential hockey equipment in exchange for the labels from bottles of Iceni Water. The labels can then be exchanged for branded balls, bibs and training cones.
Recognising that hockey clubs are coming under growing pressure from increasing costs, the programme has been designed to be suitably achievable and affordable. Clubs will need to collect the following number of Iceni water bottle labels in return for the hockey training equipment:
  • 5 Iceni labels in return for 10 hockey cones
  • 15 Iceni labels for a box of 6 hockey balls
  • 20 Iceni labels for 10 hockey bibs
We have a large quantity of water that we would like to sell to all sections and continue to sell at Ditcham BBQ in order to collect labels and secure new equipment. Darren will bring some to Minis this Sunday, and if we could all support this that would be brilliant. Water will cost around 60p.

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