Lost Property

The back of my car is increasingly looking like the contents of a charity shop with all the lost property I’ve collected at hockey. I would really like to get this back to rightful owners, and as such what I will be doing is this: on Sunday 21st and Sunday 28th I will bring all the lost property along to hockey training for parents to sift through and retrieve items that you have missed. Then, anything left after the 28th will be washed, dried, and passed on to the Salvation Army.

If you aren’t able to attend hockey on these dates, and think you’ve lost an item, please drop me an email describing the item and I’ll see if it is in the various bags in my boot. If I find it I’ll put it to one side, and bring along on the 19th May to Ditcham Park. Or you can ask a fellow parent to pick it up on your behalf.

See you on Sunday.


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