Transitional Tens at Portsmouth

What looked like being a big damp squib of a day turned out to be sunny and perfect for playing hockey. With new members joining all the time now, we took as many as we could to blood them for the future. Blending these ‘newbies’ with our more experienced core, we were able to put out a competitive side in each match. We managed to play 11 players during our 7 games, (although with a bit of head scratching) and it did manage to work. We were just about out scored in all of our games, but the spirit of this squad was evident throughout.

I will take away many positives, much of which was transferred to the players and parents. However, for me, the noise and spirit shown in the 3 cheers for the opposition at the end of each game demonstrated that heads were held high throughout. These players can and will go on to greater things. It will all happen in good time.

Well done all and thanks for all the support of parents with special thanks to Symo for letting me get so involved backed up with his sound knowledge of the game. Please read Symo’s tips, these will help us focus ready for Chichester and training next weekend.


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