Petersfield Tournament Teams on 10 Feb

Petersfield Teams …

We are short of a couple of players in the Under 8s … is there anyone available who is not on the list?

Danny Ward
Jonas Waktare
Archie Liddle
Matilda Hall
James Curwood
Dom Davies

Aimee Jennings
Sam Watson
Luke Watson
Elsa Hares
Scarlett Knaresborough
Andrew Proctor
Judith Jellicoe

Dan Hart (goalkeeper)
Tom Gorringe
Ben Bellenger
Claudia Bishop
Ed Charlton
Emily Curwood
Molly Blick
Nicholas Ross
Poppy Herbert
Matt Walton

Grace Taylor
Ben Proctor
Harry Hellyer
Georgie Jones
Lilly Gibbs
Hariett Paardekooper
Evelyn Hall
Daisy Holroyd Smith
Isabel Freemantle
Grace Loveridge
Ben Davies


Petersfield Report, 8s

The warmest day of the year and some 0-0 thrillers against petersfield, Basingstoke and Portsmouth. We enjoyed our 6-0 victory against Chichester with some acute (homework for the kids is to research acute) angle goals from Danny together with Tom.

All those clean sheets were down to Ben, Matilda and Jonas in defence who were brilliant and never once gave up.

We lost to Fareham and to Portsmouth (in a rematch) but it was great to see a happy bunch of kids enjoying the hockey in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to my assistant coach James Curwood for telling the rest of the team which way to shoot and what to do and to Elsa and Ben for their bravery. Evelyn was player of the tournament for her positional play, cheeky dribbling and non-stop smile.

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