Blood, Sweat and Tears at Portsmouth

I heard one of the Mum’s sum up the day very well when their Husband phoned in to enquire about progress in the tournament … she said “Well, it has been very eventful”!

Indeed it was … Well done to those that were playing in their first tournament and especially those that took a ball or stick to the body or head in the line of duty. Luckily everyone went home in one piece.

The Havant Hamster’s results were:
0-1 against Haslemere 1
0-1 against Haslemere 2
0-2 against Petersfield
0-1 against City of Portsmouth
0-1 against Gosport
0-2 against Chichester
0-0 against Havant Hawks

The Havant Hawks results were:
0 – 1 against Chichester
2 – 1 against Gosport
0 – 1 against Petersfield
1 – 3 against Haslemere 1
1 – 2 against Portsmouth
0 – 1 against Haslemere 2
0 – 0 against Havant Hamsters

Hamsters Man of the tournament was Jonas who saved more goals than he let in and positioned himself well. Jonas was very quick taking the 16yard which created many opportunities for us. Girl of the match was Evelyn who positioned herself well, tackled hard and grew in confidence before our eyes. Dan was our hardest hitter and so much so our players could not always catch the ball! Sam played some gutsy moves against some bigger players and his stick drill is coming on tremendously with several reverse stick situations getting him out of a tight corner. Luke was also great at getting stuck in and saved us a couple of times. Harriet and Robin were are star forwards and although they did not manage to score a goal today they got very close and several times got the breaks only to be thwarted at the last minute within the D. Finally, Matilda grew in confidence and in the final game was within a cat’s whisker of scoring a goal.

Hawks Man of the tournament was Ben … some outstanding swipes and getting faster at hitting the ball wide from the 16 yard line … girl of the tournament was Elsa who showed us what good technique is. Jevan worked harder than anyone, James made a couple of genius tackles and Dougie’s goal was worth the match fee alone.

Remember …
to stay on their feet but low …. but do not get down on their knees when opposition have a free hit… This is dangerous and they will get hit if they do not get out of the habit.
NEVER hit across our own goal
In future coaching we will work on proper tackling and learning to jab … there can be no hacking and no raising sticks dangerously.

If any parents want to share photos, that’s great, otherwise here is a team shot of the 8s and Under.


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