Portsmouth Tournament Teams and Schedule

We have two 8s and under teams and one 10s and under team for Sunday’s tournament. Mouthguards and shin pads are mandatory and please bring warm clothes as the Portsmouth pitch is exposed to the elements. We are trying to give as many kids as possible a chance to experience tournament play and in some cases they will be up against older and more experienced opposition.

The provisional teams for the 8s and Under are:
Elsa Hares
Danny Budgen
Matilda Hall
Fred Smith
Sam Watson
Luke Watson
Dougie Henderson
Amelie Parker


Amelie Parnell
Judith Jelllicoe
Jess Charlesworth
Jonas Waktare
Richard Baines
Ella Howarth
Amie Jennings
Jude Richards
Archie Lidie

10s and Under
Evelyn Hall
Jevan Hannah
Ryan McInerney
Lotte Bury
Georgina Jones
Ben Procter
Isobel Freemantle
Lily Gibbs
Daisy Hollroydsmith
Ben Davies

Kevin Davies will be managing this team.

Please comment or let a coach know if you can or cannot play or if your child would like to play and is not listed above.

Full details of the schedule below …


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