Ella’s Portsmouth Tournament Report

Jonas was fantastic at saving goals and was very supportive.
Elsa was amazing at scoring goals.
Amelie was recognised for good sportsmanship.
Luke was brave in defence.
Matilda passed well to other team mates.
Jess was a good team player and had a great first tournament.
Ella was a good defender and also loved her first tournament.
Annabel was a great coach and helped everyone.

Thankyou Team!!

By Ella Howarth


Portsmouth Tournament Teams

Here are the teams for Portsmouth next Sunday, 27th November. If you your child cant play, or your name is not on the list and you want to play then let us know. Training as normal on December 4th.

10s and Under, Coach Symo and Jon
Matthew Walton
Oliver Keynes
Grace Loveridge
Freddie Waktare
Emily Curwood
Lauren Johnston
Liberty Allison
Conor Lasrado
Poppy Herbert
Abi Brader
Oliver Rickard

Havant Hawks, Coach Dave
Ben Davies
James Curwood
Danny Budgen (c)
Dougie Henderson
Elsa Hares
Aimee Jennings
Amelie Parker
Jevan Hannah

Havant Hamsters, Coach Alistair
Jonas Waktare
Harriet Pardcooper
Daniel Hart
Robin Whitewood
Sam Watson (c)
Luke Watson
Evelyn Hall
Matilda Hall

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